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10 Years of Live Journal

Well... As of January 1st, this journal has been active for 10 years. Crazy. Something that I have done for a decade. Sometimes more often than other times. Lets see... 10 years ago...
1. I had to have an invite to get into LJ. 
2. My exboyfriend Kalen gave me that invitation...
3. I was lonely as hell in Alaska during the winter break between college semesters. It was the last time I spent a Christmas with my family.
4. I was 19. Holy damn.
5. The dog I was talking about is deceased now.

My first entry was January 1, 2002 at 11:16PM and entitled FINALLY!!!
After long await, I finally got this blasted thing working! And the minute I go to post, mom asks me if I want to go on a poop walk with our dog, so I go... and now I am back! woot. anywho, I still have more to play with, so. i am off to play with this new toy!
I was listening to Good Company and feeling dorky. Yep. 

This journal has seen a lot and been through a lot. Thank you guys for being here for me!

On to the next great adventure!

Two cats?

We decided that Dashi needed a friend. We adopted Miso (formerly Chatterbox) from the shelter. He had a FHO surgery on his leg but has healed very well. They play like crazy kids and have a lot of fun together.


Writer's Block: It's payday!

What would you do if you had a million dollars?

If I had a million dollars... here is what I would do:
1. Pay off ALL DEBTS.
2. Put half into a couple of retirement accounts (IRAs, etc)
3. Buy a decent house and a better car than what I have now. Nothing extravagant, but decently nice. I would also buy Lauran a Vespa. I would also furnish that house (hello Ikea bookshelves!)
4. I would go see my dad in Indonesia
5. I would keep my job and continue to work and build up savings. If I do everything right, maybe retire a little early.
6. I would put a lot into savings for a cushion.
7. I would donate to my favorite charities.

I must admit...

I totally have a crush on Roy Mustang...

This has been reminded to me by my current watching of Full Metal Alchemist - Brotherhood. He's just so damned bad ass and awesome in it!

I just thought I would put that out there...


Dashi is quickly approaching 6 months of age this month. He's getting very big and his swirls are really darkening up!


October 23, 2011



So I finally had my appointment today with the gastroenterologist. He was a very nice man. We talked for a while and he did a short exam. He thinks my problems come from probably one of two places: either I had a bacterial or viral infection in my intestines and it has now caused me to have IBS (which can take 6 months to a year to resolve) OR that I may have suddenly become lactose intolerant OR I may have an intolerance for NSAID drugs (like ibuprofen) OR there's something else going on entirely that we can't tell from normal tests (blood, stool, nuclear, etc). He said it is probably unrelated to my gallbladder which does appear to be in perfect health and he didn't recommend messing with it at all.

So, we're doing a couple of things...
1. I am going on a lactose free diet trial for 3 weeks. This may be the hardest thing I've ever done. I bought lactose free milk today though and I hear it's not TOO bad. And I bought straight margarine for the first time in years. Not sure what I am going to do about cheese and sour cream, except not eat tacos or burritos or mac N cheese for a few weeks. I am SO SAD.

2. I am starting on a probiotic pill to see if we can help balance out the flora in my gut and see if it helps.

3. I am going to have an endoscopy for my upper GI and a colonoscopy in mid-November to see if there's any inflammation or weird stuff going on in my insides. I will have full anesthetic for this procedure. My friends and coworkers assure me that the thought of the procedure is worse than the actuality.

So that's that in a nutshell. I will be starting my dairy free trial today. It should be finishing up just before the wedding and honeymoon, which is good! And my procedure will be a couple of weeks after I get back


RIP Sesame 2006-2011

Sesame had to be put down this morning. The last couple of days he had been vomiting a lot and stopped eating. Last night he seemed really out of it, his temp was really low and he wouldn't move. This morning I took him to the vet and we did some bloodwork. His kidney enzymes were off the chart and he was in acute renal failure. The vet said that it was likely congenital and that something triggered it (stress, who knows what). His kidneys were large and abnormally shaped. He was an indoor only cat with no access to toxins, but I don't know his history other than the few weeks he spent at the shelter.
I only had him for about 2 months, so I am sad but we never really fully bonded so I am not as heart crushed as I was with HoneyBoy. Needless to say, we've lost three pets in the last year. We are taking a break from animals.

random update!

Sooooo.. it's been an exciting couple of weeks!

1. Stomach- still giving me problems. Doc thinks it's probably my gall bladder, so I have to have a radioactive test. Should be exciting. May have to have surgery. Ew.

2. Rhari came to visit and I got to help introduce her to a lot of stuff, including Dragonrift. I wish them luck! It was nice to have visitors but I did miss my quiet household and routine.

3. Work has been worky. I've been here for 2 years as a permanent employee now. :)

4. Wedding plans are chugging along... invitations are at the printers! Thank you cards are being made! :)

5. I turned 29 on the 17th. Last year of my 20s...

6. Sesame is settling in pretty well. He's a spoiled rotten beast!

7. I've been going to therapy, which has been helping alot. I am trying to learn how to deal with anxiety.

So, that's kinda it in a short nutshell. So much to do! So little time!

Life Jacket

So, I went to the little gym at our complex today for my first workout there. No big deal! The work out went well! I intended on cooling down in the pool, even though there were several children of varying ages. Now, I finished my workout, did a little weights to work on my rotator cuff, and went out to the pool to cool off. Out there were several children and a couple of teenagers. I got into the pool and was just cooling down, treading water and working some resistance. I noticed something a little odd... having not spent a lot of time around children, there seems to be a new trend. When I was a kid, if you were under about the age of 4 or had a hard time swimming, you wore water wings. I saw kids there who were probably 6-7 that were wearing LIFE JACKETS. Now, the littles with the full body ones who were obviously young I can ALMOST understand... but a 6 year old? In a pool? If you're on a boat, on the ocean, on a river or other large body of water I can understand... but a pool? Do children just not learn to swim anymore?

Also, what's up with the bored moms who can't even be bothered to WATCH their children in the pool let alone interact with them? Some of my best memories are of my mom and dad playing with me in my grandparent's pool and of my dad and I going boogie boarding together and playing in the ocean from before the time I could walk. One mom was in the hot tub while her kids were playing in the pool, she wasn't even pretending to be interested, she was facing away from the pool. The other was at least watching...

So, anyway, can anybody explain to me why children that were old enough to know how to swim have to wear life jackets?

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